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Turn around (christ o mega)
U need to carousel, u are cramping my space!!
by Sophia December 14, 2003

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OMG he is I heard the rumor too. She looks like the chick from Josie & The Pussycats. OMG! I hate her she is like freakin him everynight and I dont get anything but to watch him from a concert. ARG! I want him for me why does that whore get him. W.E his loss. H ejust likes her for her tits.
"Yeah, you could say we like to stay home at night... togther. He is kinky when it comes to stuff like that" --YM Magazine
by Sophia February 13, 2005

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disdainfully smart.
(according to the exact definition, pish means expressing disdain while posh mean smart. so when someone says something intellectual, say "pish posh!" just to dis them back. )
sophia: chintu, u smell!!
chintu: pish posh!
by sophia June 25, 2003

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