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A parade of fanatical, deluded mutants.
The answer? Extermination.
Member of Team Edward: *is shot by tazar gun.*
Member of Team STFU: *scoops up corpse in a body bag and sneaks away shiftily into the shadows, ridding the world of giggling evil*
by wellheytherechar April 21, 2010
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In reference to Edward Cullen, of the Twilight Saga. People on Team Edward prefer him over Jacob Black (see Team Jacob). People on Team Edward also mostly prefer to see Bella with Edward, rather than Jacob. They also prefer vampires over werewolves (Edward is a vampire, Jacob is a werewolf).Team Edward fans are very devoted, and are a force to be reckoned with. This also goes for Team Jacob.
Twilight Fan 1: Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?
Twilight Fan 2: Oh, I'm Team Edward, all the way!
*Fist fight*
by SpunkRansom November 28, 2008
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A sexual move relating to the Twilight series of books,where one party ingests a large amount of goldschlager (or any gold flake infused schnapps) and essentially urinates directly on their partner ( essentially a new variation of the classic golden shower) . The theory is that the gold dust particles on the urine will make the recipient sparkle in the sunlight in the morning (much like Twilight saga vampires, etc.) See also "Team Jacob"

An alternative move of the same name involves a male receiving fellatio, and when reaching orgasm the male will ejaculate on his partner's face, and throw a handful of pearlescent craft glitter (or any other color available) onto said partner's face creating the famous "sparkling vampire" effect. Similar to a "Gorilla mask" but with a more festive outcome.
Bro! his morning they found Laura passed out on the back porch passed out smelling like piss and sparkling like crazy.. She must have switched sides and chet gave her a "Team Edward".
by Patrick the Bear April 14, 2011
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The name given to the group of Fanpires that prefer vampire Edward Cullen over werewolf shapeshifter Jacob Black in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series. It's not that they dislike Jacob, Edward is just better.
Jacob fan: Do you read Twilight?

Edward fan: Yeah, I'm Team Edward.

Jacob fan: Pssht. Suicidal much?
by Mandy Copeland October 27, 2008
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The term used to describe people who are obsessed with twilight and favor edward cullen over jacob black. 99% of the time, team edward fans are people who read twilight when it first came out and fell in love with edward off the bat. team jacob fans are the opposite. they love jacob black despite their inability to have any solid support or reasoning for their infatuation. these people are wanna-be's who became twilight fans once the entire world already knew about it and thought they were cool and decided to be team jacob. never take someone who is team jacob seriously.
girl #1: omg i read twilight 888738 times! IM TOTALLY TEAM EDWARD!

girl #2: really? i read it 10 minutes ago....i must be team jacob!

girl #1: FAG!
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Team Edward is a group of Twilight saga fans that have decided they are completely and utterly devoted to Edward Cullen, one of the leading characters of Stephinie Meyers amazing vampire book series the Twilight saga. In short they are Edward Cullen groupies. Most people who are in love with the book are either on Team Edward or Team Jacob.
girl #1 at the premier of the new twilight movie: Whoo! I love Twilight go team Jacob!

girl #2 at the premier of the new Twilight movie: What your crazy I am so Team Edward! Whooo!!!
by Scarletbegonia22 October 17, 2008
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One who stays true to Edward Cullen. Even after seeing New Moon with Taylor Lautner... yum. Being committed to Edward Cullen.
Girl 1: So Team Edward or Team Jacob?
Girl 2: Edward of course. What about you?
Girl 1: Well I kind of like both...
Girl 2 : Your not a true Edward fan.
by TheRealTeamEdward January 05, 2010
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