Relating to the preference of Jacob Black (wolf) over Edward Cullen (vampire) in the book 'Twilight' by Stephenie Meyer.

WARNING: Girls(or maybe sometimes boys) do take to their man/wolf quite seriously--(same goes to Team Edward-ers who take to their man/vampire quite seriously (look for Team Edward))-- so do not question their choice or make fun of them. Your face may be damaged. Also, if a Team Jacob member gets within a 5' radius of a Team Edward member; one may want to duck and take cover.

(Joking about that last part...or maybe not O.o)
'Are you wearing a Team Edward t-shirt?!'
'Emm... yeah?'
'EWWWW!!!! Team Jacob is SOOOOO much better! Edward is such a *insert favorite curse word here*!'
'Oh NO you didn't!'
(Squabble Squabble)
(Extensions go flying)
(Bite Bite)
(Scream Scream)
(Kick Kick)
by Plaid.Tomato.Slippers. August 8, 2008
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Another one of the Twilight fandom's gay little ships. One who sides with Team Jacob will:
- Prefer Jacob over Edward
- Prefer Jacob with Bella
- Prefer werewolves over vampires

Team Jacob supporters tend to be less aggressive than the Team Edward supporter, though they are not a force to be dealt with.
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e April 6, 2009
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In addition to other definitions, this group of Twilight partisans is also attracted to romantic relationships that begin with close friendships and turn into something more.

In contrast with the intense and potentially dangerous passion that has found favor with Team Edward, Team Jacob is comfortable with the idea of "being with the one who's best for you," rather than "being with the one you can't live without."

This way of thinking stems from Jacob's uplifting friendship and devotion to a depressed Bella in her greatest time of need during the second installment, New Moon.

For these reasons, Team Jacob tends to value qualities like friendship, loyalty, stability, honesty, and a sense of humor.
Team Jacob 1: Can you believe Bella rejected Jacob as soon as Edward came back at the end of New Moon? It's as if everything Jacob's done for her meant nothing.

Team Jacob 2: I can't understand it either. She obviously prefers a suicidal and paternalistic boyfriend over an easy-going and devoted one.

Team Jacob 1: I agree. Jacob makes her laugh, he doesn't underestimate her like Edward does, and their families get along so well. Plus, he's incredibly cut. Team Jacob all the way!
by pnayxkay January 5, 2010
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The team in which readers of the book Twilight by Stephenie Meyer refer to themselves as.

If you want Isabella Swann to choose Jacob, her beloved werewolf over Edward (the sexy vampire) then you are obviously on Team Jacob.
"Don't you think Edward is totally hot?"
"No, I'm team Jacob all the way baby!"
by Miz Prez95 September 23, 2008
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A sexual move relating to the Twilight series of books where a male will shave his pubic region prior to fellatio, and after ejaculating onto his partner's face, the hair is thrown on the face , sticking to said ejaculate (much like the gorilla mask) however as the hair is thrown on the face, one must howl like a wolf to get the desired effect. Some also stomp on their partner's toe to achieve an involuntary howl. See also "Team Edward"
"damn bro, did you hear chet gave Laura a team Jacob at the party? There was hair all over the place afterwards!
by Patrick the Bear April 14, 2011
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Picking Jacob Black(werewolf) over Edward Cullen(vampire)! From Twilight Series
by HeyItsNikki April 29, 2009
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