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Just another word for cannabis basically. Generally used to decribe strong skunk. Used by Yardies in Birmingham, UK.
by smokeyjoe July 02, 2004
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One of those things that you see out of the corner of your eye,that "almost seen, but not quite" blur of motion you sense (usually when you're drunk or stoned) as someone or something ducks behind anything convienient to hide.
Woah, like dude, did you you see that thing hidebehind that tree over there?
by smokeyjoe August 28, 2005
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almost, but not quite. Wishful thinking,
hoping, dreaming (not wet ones, either). On the opposite side... dis'n someone else's meager attributes, brains, boobs, penis size....
Geez! Those pants are so tight on her she canarley squeeze her butt into them, and almost look humanoid.


"Are you in yet? I canarley feel your meager equipment in my gym!
by smokeyjoe January 03, 2005
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In speech: isn't quite, shouldn't be but is, a slight ly distasteful example of/or isn't of something.

In human anatomy: a part of the physical body that defies description or definition. an area of the body that is more of an ambigous thing
Oh man, it just taint right! Almost but, it shouldn't be so, er, uh, little!

Ugh! Your taint's showing, man! Cover that thing up that disgutin' thing!
by smokeyjoe January 05, 2005
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someone too stupid to live, or an action that defines you as somebody too stupid to live
That blonde was a real stuv! Trying to get the dents out of her car by blowing on the exhaust pipe!

Forgetting to take the filler hose out of his gas tank before he drove away was a real stuv thing to do!
by smokeyjoe August 28, 2005
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a condition of being extremely off the deep end, mentally, in a very socially unacceptable way.
just so drunk that when trying to say the phrase "sick and twisted" it comes out "tick n swisted"
dyslexic's of the world untie!
Only a tick n swisted person could think of such a cruel punishment like making a dude piss on an electric horse fence.


"Hey, no problemo, man! I meant what you knew! It's a tick n swisted world out there!"
by smokeyjoe August 28, 2005
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