5 definitions by smate

an eboinic definition for one who is ugly
"dat boi be hurt!"
"word gurrrl. he one ugly mofo"
by smate February 14, 2005
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1. the act of being very amped up.
2. the act of being crazy, pretty much the same as the first definition i gave.
"lets get hyphie in this bitch!"
"yaaee yaaee"
by smate February 16, 2005
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A flamer (homosexual)/ Artist who attends "San Francisco school of the arts" aka SOTA
Marcelo is a flartist; he attends SOTA
by smate November 13, 2004
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someone (or something) that is obsessed with the everlame show "star trek"
and has a complete collection of useless star trek crap just tro show off.
all trekkies are virgins, and probalbly are unaware two sexes exist
mrs. weber is a trekkie freak.
by smate November 15, 2004
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people who has never had sex, but pretend they are not virgens by saying they did some girl "last summer, and nobody knows who she is, and shes gone now. and she was fine".

something all girls are the first time tou do it with them.
man hella people are virgens
by smate February 16, 2005
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