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the things your parents wear and u get really embarassed when they do in public
mom change out of your sweat pants
by smaso February 19, 2005

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was used in a clip from "Mad Tv"

-The Bomb
That butt was ebolla!
by smaso April 18, 2005

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1)an imaginary friend from Florida
2)Danny's lover
3)Christie and Meghans best friend
4)a person who is trying to find themselves
Cantwon and Meghan and Christie are going shopping today.

Danny, you are a freak-a-zoid Love Cantwon
by smaso January 22, 2005

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1)a freaken awsome word
2)the skin on your elbow
3)spread the word
4)Danny has one
"danny, we beat you and your dry flabby wenis in badmitten so get over it"
by smaso January 22, 2005

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The word was founded by the plastic wraps. One of the members was trying to say smoosh and mixed it with some other random word which we have not yet succeeded to discover. The plastic wraps consist of 3 girls who all enjoy doing nothing but hanging out and making plenty of lemonade followed with a loud explosion, and smerge was a word they now use constantly.

That new dress of yours is smerge!

Hey Katie, that lemonade was smerge!
by smaso March 03, 2005

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