23 definition by smartypants

A pimp that attracts and keeps prostitutes by using smooth talk and false promises.

Contrast with: guerrilla pimp
Donovan doesn't hit the girls so much, he's more of a finesse pimp.
by smartypants October 06, 2004

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a cigarette containing weed which is also laced with another drug.
Hey, lets smoke some happy sticks.
by smartypants October 06, 2004

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older slang term used to describe Chicago buses which is derived from there formerly green color. The term has been used less frequently because most Chicago buses are now mostly blue and white.
A: How are you gettin' to work now that Sheila wrecked your car?
B: I guess I will be taking the green limousine.
by smartypants October 07, 2004

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a newly arrived immigrant from Poland. The term originates from signs in store windows reading Mowimy po polsku’ (we speak Polish).
I don't think that mowimy speaks English.
by smartypants October 06, 2004

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The same meaning as eww
-Yumm,crap on cake is good
-Ewwness..your grosse
by Smartypants January 31, 2005

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The most amazing person you will ever meet. A little crazy, but everyone loves her. She's very intelligent, trustworthy, funny, loyal, and a smokeshow. She is a bit on the shorter side, but her personality makes up for it.
Did you hear about the Emma girl? Dude, I'd love to be with her!
by SmArTyPaNtS June 12, 2014

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To go away. Taken from the visual image of someone getting smaller as go farther away. Used on Chicago's west side during the late 90's.
Hey, it's time to get small, the popo is coming.
by smartypants October 06, 2004

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