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The most wonderful family member of all. Great at sharing. Yet hates to loose... Very thoughtful. Did I mention she is the best Aunt, Daughter, Sister and Golfer in the world?
Kammy has kind of a medium build, great legs, white feet that are sun deprived, awesome hair and STRONG hands.
by momov2ntn February 04, 2010
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A tough Magikoopa who first appeared in Paper Mario, and returned in Paper Mario 2, confirming her right to exist. She's strong, loyal, seems to have a bit of an ego, and doesn't seem to realize that she's getting old.
It's been accepted by some that she's "Kamek's replacement", which I refuse to believe.
Kammy Koopa isn't related to Bowser, ignore the last name.
by Slim November 20, 2004
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a fucking retarted towel headed POONNJABBBBBBBB.
she is uber fucking ugly and she keeps her hair in a drawer.
dont fuck with her she will go on myspace and talk shit and write bulletins about you !:O!and her family works at seven eleven!
"be careful kammy might bomb you!"
by gennifergee January 03, 2008
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Kammy is a horny soul , likes to
Lick muff very nice taste got a little sausage but is very friendly as soon as his mouth opens you can smell shit as soon as it closes you can smell febreze! Loves to dress in glourious gangster! See him in a German
by Sexy white chick June 27, 2018
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