The most amazing and crazy group of girls that ever walked the planet. They are a bunch of beautiful princess.
I want to be a princess! Can I be in JAL? princessessparklesbbg
by JudyAnn May 05, 2013
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short for - (j)ust (a)nother (l)amer
common term on it/online/internet/irc discussions chatrooms, irc and other areas of the virutal world.
you dont need any more of those JALs, nor do you??
by nsm November 23, 2004
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The cutest couple on the face of the planet and one that will most definitely be going to prom in 2017.
Person 1: Awww, Megan and Eric are so cute together!

Person 2: Yeah, they're almost like Jal!
by qwwertyuiop321456778 March 28, 2013
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The nickname of the coolest and best player in Lost City.
He is ID 505.
Dude, I want to be just like -Jal-
They should Make -Jal- a LC helper!
by A big fan of -Jal- [505] March 01, 2008
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