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Somebody profoundly lacking in personal dignity and social grace. While not actually mentally disabled, such persons are often so enabled by family members or sympathetic friends that they become hopelessly unaware of the ridicule, revulsion, or downright murderous rage that they evoke from everybody else.
I don't care if he's our ride home. If that short bus window licker doesn't stop yelling at the movie screen I'm going to break a bottle over his fucking head.
by skid mark vz September 13, 2007

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Unspoken but widely understood rule regarding selecting a public urinal, specifically if there are five urinals to choose from. If all are unoccupied you choose the one on the far left (1). If this one is occupied you choose the far right one (5). If both are occupied you choose the center one (3). The object is to maximize the space between yourself and anybody else who currently has their shlong out.
urinator 1) "Hey buddy, one five three rule. Scoot over."

*scoots over*

urinator 2) "Sorry, wasn't thinking"
by skid mark vz March 06, 2008

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Morning wood of abnormal size and rigidity, impossible to "tuck" away and often quite painful
Today I woke up with morning oak that I could have used to fuck a sea lion with. I thought my dick was going to explode.
by Skid Mark VZ June 06, 2007

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The act of dumping or throwing a para/quadriplegic out of his or her wheelchair onto the ground (ala Walter Sobchak in "The Big Lebowski").
dude 1) "Dude what happened to Earl?"
dude 2) "Two cops totally sobchak'd him last night, broke two ribs."
dude 1) "Why would they do such a thing?"
dude 2) "They thought he was faking it. Guess the forklift in his minivan wasn't proof enough."
by skid mark vz February 14, 2008

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A Bavarian Cream is when you carefully shit on the rim of a toilet, then mash it with the toilet seat.
Right before he left on his last day, Sheldon did a Bavarian Cream in the employee men's room. Apparently he wasn't interested in a good referral
by skid mark vz March 12, 2008

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colorful description of when, through the incompetence, cowardice, or possibly malice of others, you are rendered helpless, screwed over, or at the very least, publicly made a fool of.
Matt just looked at me when those two samoans demanded an apology. So I'm just standing there with my dick swinging in the wind, having no idea who really slapped that girl's ass.
by skid mark vz November 16, 2007

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The motivating factor that drives men to do or not do something that they secretly abhor or dread. Failing to perform this duty will make you a prick, and the fallout will be worse than the actual sacrifice.
I was up against the prick factor, so I went ahead and took her to see "Sex and the City" even though it made me want to puke.
by skid mark vz July 10, 2008

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