6 definitions by sinsforeal

When one dog barks and the entire neighborhood of dogs start barking
Jamie be quiet, We wouldn't want to set off the dog alarm
by sinsforeal March 13, 2016
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When you want somebody but you also don't want anyone else to have them.
I really dwant sarah it's just that right now isn't the right time.

by sinsforeal August 6, 2016
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To be throw out an airlock, Typically in a vacuum in space.
Astronaut 1 : Damn did you hear?

Astronaut 2 : What?

Astronaut 1 : Dave's dumbass forgot to hook up he's tether so he got floated

Astronaut 2 : Really? How the hell does a guy like that even get a job up here anyways?
by sinsforeal April 14, 2016
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when a person claims inability to stand trial for being "mentally ill"
person 1: that rapist pulled the retard card now he gets to live in a cushy psych ward

person 2: disgusting
by sinsforeal May 14, 2016
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Kaylynn a very cute beautiful girl guys that love. She is kinda shy but if you get her talking she will not stop, she has many friends and is funny as well.
Guy 1 That girl over there is lookin good she must be a kaylynn.
Guy 2 Yep she sure is.
by sinsforeal May 13, 2015
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