A traditional psych ward is a ward within a hospital that houses psychiatric patients. Traditionally patients on a psych ward will be housed in a large room with multiple beds allowing for minimal privacy.

In the US and many other developed countries places referred to as psych wards are actually psychiatric units, psychiatric departments, or psychiatric hospitals. Patients in these places are typically housed in individual rooms or with 1-3 roommates, rather than on a traditional ward.
"I just got back from the psych ward, it wasn't as crazy as it sounds!"
by Naydia October 18, 2017
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Referring to all ages (but particularly youth in this case.)
A place that people are forcefully sent to receive psychiatric "help" by unsympathetic staff (including psychiatrists) that don't know what the fuck they're doing, let alone give a shit other than the fact that it's their job.
Kids and teenagers are shoveled in like dogs in a pound. A majority of the time, nothing gets solved...If anything, it adds to your trauma with the horrors of what you see there and how you're treated.

Also, in general, you're told that everything is YOUR fault because friends, family, or societal influences totally had nothing to do with your illness or whatever the fuck landed you, or ANYONE in there in the first place.
It's basically one step above jail.
"My parents sent me to a psyche ward for a month to get better because I did (xyz).
Wow, after that helpful experience, I certainly feel better about my life and all of humanity!"
by Galena_Somez January 15, 2018
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A hospital for the care and treatment of patients affected with acute or chronic mental illness. Also called mental hospital.
after striping, she went to a psyche ward.
by Gabriella B May 21, 2008
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Prison with mandatory poisonous drugs and "therapy".
I told my teacher to eat shit and die so they said I was crazy, had me evaluated in the psych ward where I couldn't even go outside. Eventually I had to agree to swallow their "medications", which were really pharmaceutical drugs in disguise. After my evaluation I returned to school and I told my teacher it was all her fault and I hope her pension falls through because she doesn't deserve it.
by Space Wrangler August 28, 2021
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Girls from either inpatient or the looney bin. These bitches are absolute freaks in bed, but a pain in the ass outside of that. You’ll have the craziest night of your life with one of them
Jake: Damn bro those psych ward bitches went crazy last night.
Daniel: Get help.
by Big Fat Niggaballs December 23, 2022
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Me. I am psych ward employee. I kick ass. :D Also, my insults, though assumed, are not gay...in fact, they sound pretty much like everyone else's.
I found psycho bitch when she was sexy kinky girl fighting with Gumba Gumba (yep Kyle, she didn't know of lunar shadows yet...you've been proven wrong, haha), I found her when she was mocha fighting with lunar shadows, and I will soon find her yet again. I know you're out that, crazy girl.
by Psych Ward Employee January 27, 2005
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