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the police, FBI, DEA or any law enforcement agent looking to bust someone.
the blue ninjas are everywhere. protect ya neck! don't get popped and have to go upstate.
by shortyshitstain November 05, 2009
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multicultural squalor and miasma in a given social setting
When we left our London hotel all we could help but notice was the vibrancy of the city.
by shortyshitstain July 24, 2015
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An ugly girl that you would fuck.
You: Hey, you see Tiffany's ass today?

Me: Yeah, saw her face too, she a duck bitch.
by shortyshitstain November 18, 2015
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Overexposure of memes to the point that your worldview changes.
I liked so many fitness groups on facebook that now I've been memewashed into working out.
by shortyshitstain July 24, 2013
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same as a booty call but in email form.
I checked my email this morning and I had a bootymail from an old boyfriend.
by shortyshitstain November 25, 2009
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