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when you have a bro who is also a total douchebag. Basically your stereotypical fratboy Big and with muscles and wears really tight polo shirts with popped collars and way too much cologne. Looks down on other people who are not his fellow bros and thinks he is God's gift to the universe. Most likely has has some form of venereal disease at some point, and will tell girls whatever they want to hear to get them to sleep with them.
hey man, Stacey must not have very good BrONAR cuz that dude she is with is such a douchebro...he's only telling her what she wants to hear so he can get to sharpen her with his pork sword. She thinks he's sincere but he's only interested in the hump'n'dump.
by shoelace August 05, 2008
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Noun - typically an old magazine or newspaper that is placed between one's feet and the surface of a coffee table so that the oils and perspiration from the skin of one's feet do not tarnish the surface of afformentioned coffee table as said person uses said coffee table as a foot rest.
Yo dude! Why are you using the sports page as a foot coaster?! I was still reading that.

Hey bro...hand me your sister's copy of Cosmo to use as a foot coaster.
by shoelace April 27, 2007
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1) When a television network ends a popular serial drama without completing it's story arc.
2) When a television network ignores it's customers demands for a renewed season of a popular TV show.
3) When a network, after a poorly decided cancellation, drops a quick-fix episode or mini-series to try to tidy up the remaining plot lines.

1) I really hate that my favorite TV show just got Jericho'ed.

2) As much as everyone liked the series, the network decided to leave it Jericho'ed.

3) I really enjoyed that TV series, but then they canceled it and then Jericho'ed a finale.

by shoelace May 24, 2007
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More than a man; who, during a raid in Poland in 1942, couragously hid four Polish Jews in his enourmous, gaping hole.
"Quick, jump in my ass to hide from these filthy schweinhaun!"
by shoelace November 22, 2003
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The ability for a dude or gal to detect a bro or douchebro

Similar in the ways girls use gaydar to detect closet homosexuals.
dude just like how submarines use SONAR to detect other submarines, i have really good BrONAR and can easily tell if a dude is a total bro, and really wants to play gamecube and drink natty ice when he says he only wants to "chill"
by shoelace August 05, 2008
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When you do anal and you get shit stuck in your foreskin.
“Dude, my girlfriend gave me an Alabama s’more last night.”
by shoelace June 24, 2019
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Another communist pinko loser. Communism sucks. Get a job and do something with your life and stop complaining and trying to suck everything out of people who actually work hard to get wealthy.
All you liberal communist hippies who want a revolution so you can just sit around like bums doing nothing with your life disgusts me. Communism will never work. And who in their right mind thinks that they can decide what "the people" want. Only poor people, bums, and tree huggers want communism because they are jealous that others have what they don't.
by shoelace February 10, 2005
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