verb- to sparknote is: to use the resourses conveniently allocated at the website to help one quickly absorb critical information on a piece of literature or reading material (that was either too stupid, too long, too boring, or one was just too stinking lazy to read) in order to allow the recieving of a good grade on the test or evaluation for the corresponding piece of literature.

Usage Note: The time at which one typically partakes in the act of sparknoting is usually in close proximity to the time of the test or evaluation, moreover, the night prior.
Yo dude! I didn't even read To Kill a Mockingbird. All I did was spaknote it and i got a 100% on the test.

Man, Great Expectatiions is huge. Charles Dickens really needed to learn how to be more concise. I am definately going to have to sparknote this one.

Dude, the test is in two days and you haven't even turned a page. You are gonna get the shaft if you don't sparknote it.
by Shoelace July 10, 2004
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Not necessarily a tool for the slackers. People who have read the actual book can also use it to get grounds for their ideas, see important themes missed, and get aquinted with the public opinion; so that by the time of the actual test, one's opinion is supported, strong, ellaborative and analytical.

Besides, it's written in good English and is proven to be surprisingly reliable; with the exeption of some trivial tries for 'abstract' thought wandering, which could be easily spotted, anyhow.
Why wikipedia when you have SparkNotes?
Why get a B when you have SparkNotes?
by tabla May 25, 2010
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mankind's greatest invention. summarizes boring books high school students have to read, in little paragrpahs for every chapter. you can still get the idea of what the book's about without spending countless hours reading the damn thing.
also avilable for subjects such as history, math, science, chemistry, government, etc.
Oh fuck. I have a test on Macbeth tomorrow. Sparknotes to the rescue!
by SexyLexie May 1, 2007
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mankind's greatest invention. summarizes boring books high school students have to read in little paragrpahs for every chapter (or act, if its a play), you can rerad the enitre book in less than half hour, get the idea of what it's about, pass the test, and not waste time actually reading the book.
also offers study guides for other subjects, such as math, history, science, etc.
Oh shit. I have a test on Macbeth tomorrow. Sparknotes to the rescue!
by SexyLexie May 9, 2007
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the ability of something (i.e. a book) to be looked up and studied via
Dude, this class is gonna be so easy because all the books we're gonna read are sparknotable!
by soccergirl2008-11 January 2, 2010
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A website that enables one who read the book to further enhance their understanding of said book. This website helps us to... ah who am I kidding?

Sparknotes is man's best friend. Hell, it helped man graduate from high school.

Everyone uses it. Everyone loves it. 'nuff said.
Person 1: Hey man, you ready for the Huckleberry Finn test tomorrow?
Person 2: Aw shit man, I completely forgot about that! I didn't even start reading!
-10 minutes later-
Person 2: Hell yeah! I'm gonna rape that test tomorrow! ILOVEYOU SPARKNOTES!
by roflolmaocopter February 7, 2011
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The lazy persons way to do a book report, study for a test, or do a project without...acually reading the book.

Designed for: Kids who sleep, annoying kids, hung-over college students, Super-seniors, and everyone else who thinks reading is gay.
Kid 1(on instant messanger): God im finally done with that fucking book and the book report, Rose of Sharon is a stinky hoe.
Kid 2(on Instant messanger): Oh shit i gotta finish that
::10 minutes later::
Kid 1(on Instant messanger): Give up?
Kid 2(on Instant messanger): Fuck no i used Sparknotes
by Flyinsquirrel992 April 20, 2006
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