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Using SparkNotes and other related sites to study/cheat for tests.
Instead of reading Jane Eyre, I figured I'd just try sparknoting the whole thing and see how well I do on the test.
by AdiJ April 09, 2006
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the act of reading spark notes on a book for class instead of actually reading the book. usually done the night before a test or when the book should have been read by.
Guy: What are you up to?
Girl: Just spark noting that stupid book for english.
Guy: The boring one about Africa?
Girl: Yeah the test is tomorrow.
by fbrueogfwborudjc May 18, 2009
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1. sparknoting a book- cheating, not really reading assigned hw
2. sparknoting- the act of making out durring an event such as a movie, and missing important information while doing so.
Sparknoting in the movietheater is a common activity such among couples such as ann and mike.
by sparstar7 October 04, 2006
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