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when playing mario kart dd or for N64 a box is something you run in to that gives you items.
fuck you Yosh you totally stole my box!

Fuck! I'm missing all the boxes.
by sherrice March 26, 2005
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For shoppers who don't have enough money for an item and decied to save up for it. This term is used for all the times you go to the store to look at it.
i poped in to best buy to babysit my new TV
by sherrice August 27, 2005
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n: like a hair tie or rubber band a peice of elastic w/o that lame peice of metal covered in like fabric or something. that one might use to put their hair back with.
Hey baby hand me that hair thing
by sherrice March 23, 2005
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something kids from norcal made up because they just couldn't belive southern california and northern california were really part of one place called california.
socal thats like everything under santa barbara
by sherrice March 23, 2005
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(verb) that you can do to other people
simalar to using
You're an idoit, Juli is just running your ass.
by sherrice August 28, 2006
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abriviation for Urban Outfitters aparently not used by very many people possibly originating in norcal but definatly from cail
Man, everything in urban hella suxs these days

boy: where did you get that top?
girl: urban.

boy: this is cute.
girl: it looks just like the crap at urban.
by sherrice March 23, 2005
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Trash or thorw away, something done badly.
Ugh, this drawing I just did is utter toss
by sherrice August 25, 2005
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