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A nice word for a drunk
Hey you ya fuckin dipso
by Seb February 17, 2004

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A white dude trying to be afghani by wearin a hat, riding camels and living in a cave whilst trying to escape from the american military.
Similar to Wigga , Wasain etc
Camp Dude: Bitch, you and you camel are like such Wafghanis.
by seb July 03, 2004

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The maltese word for shit. Also used by youths as an expression for somebody who is drunk.
Shit: Qed tirfes il- Hara ras. (You stepped in shit man)

Drunk: Dak xorob flixkun vodka wahdu u issa hara mejjet. (He drank a bottle of vodka on his own and now he is dead drunk)
by Seb June 01, 2004

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king; ruler; high and mighty one
who is that ever-powerful leader?
why, it's Luds!
by Seb March 20, 2005

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pwnedwtfxd is also when i eat your pants and youre all "wtf where did my pants go" so youre like OMFG PANTSLESS WTF PLZ MMKAY?!
Somebody set up us the bomb.
We get signal.
Main screen turn on.
It you.
How are you gentlemen.
All your base are belong to us.
What you say !!
You have no chance to survive make your time.
Ha ha ha ha...
by Seb April 16, 2005

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1)what is up my nigga?!
2)what is literally up, for instance the ceiling or the sky
hey man, wuzzup!?
by seb April 08, 2003

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refering to something awsome; a very cool action
"Dude that was freakin' kilish"
by Seb March 30, 2005

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