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who is that ever-powerful leader?
why, it's Luds!
by seb March 20, 2005
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1)Cartoon creature from back in the day. 2)Kathryn, lives in Fulbourn, often found in DeNiro's, Newmarket. Also see bugger-lugs.
Kathryn looks like a moomin - she bugger-lugs!!
by seb September 10, 2003
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retarded townies who attempt to insult you by saying 'ya mum' and 'stupid grebo'. they drive around in there 'phat' novas or renault 5's. i have also noticed how all there girlfriends are always atleast 4 years younger than themsleves and hence why they like hanging around middle and high schools.
oy watch it ya stoopid greebo ile nife ya cus im a wel phat pikie innni
by seb December 07, 2003
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hes a ngunguru gangsta who will fuk up eny motha fuka out thier.
by seb April 09, 2005
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def1: a delicious tail.
def2: a delicious penis!
mmmm...that was schwanzalicious!
by seb October 27, 2003
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