The hebrew meaning for the english word Shit
efnet ze hara server ve arutz #isra3l od yoter hara!
by ScreameR July 08, 2003
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1) slang for challenging someone to a drinking competition.
2) slang for drinking too much
3) slang for passing out in the bathroom
4) slang for an asian male who throws up from drinking too much.
2) Fuck i'm just like hara
3) Dude he's hara
4) Man..... Hara......
by chxse February 15, 2009
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The maltese word for shit. Also used by youths as an expression for somebody who is drunk.
Shit: Qed tirfes il- Hara ras. (You stepped in shit man)

Drunk: Dak xorob flixkun vodka wahdu u issa hara mejjet. (He drank a bottle of vodka on his own and now he is dead drunk)
by Seb June 01, 2004
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this is the name Sarah backwards. This is usefull for showing girls named Sarah that you know how to spell backwards.
Hey Sarah, check out, i figured out that if i spell Sarah backwards, it spells haras, which is giberish.
by Nick B. May 28, 2005
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another word for one of the last american girls; a girl down to ride motorcycles, play in the mud, bathe in the river, race cars, and drink beers. Hara's are usually very hot and have large boobies and blonde hair. They are also usually good cooks.
by suicide blonde November 29, 2010
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Man you is proper giving me hara.
Hara. Not good. Leave it.
Give me more hara. You will is gonna pay
by Gman77 July 20, 2018
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