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Something you should definitely add to your repertoire of quirky sayings, but as long as you use it in the same snippy context as Eric Cartman of the show South Park. Also the only acceptable phrase containing the word "hella".
Person 1: Why are you wearing sunglasses inside?
Person 2: 'Cause I'm hella cool, that's why.
by screambloodygore September 24, 2005

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An absolutely terrific progressive death metal band from Sweden, who lump together long, acoustic interludes, with long bouts of dynamic, layered guitar, so heavy and simultaneously intricate that it's immediately orgasm-inducing. Also a wonderful live band, who are probably a little too self-depriciative on stage with their humble attitudes, but play and sing all of their songs perfectly. Too often, though, their drummer flies home in mid-tour to suck his mother's tit, and they're forced to find an emergency replacement. Each song stands alone as a heart-touching story of death and sorrow, which are woven together to create each album, which is called an "observation." Mikael (vocalist) and Peter (guitarist) are sexier than sin, and should be allowed to play naked, lying down, and covered with Lubriderm body lotion under dark candlelight.
Opeth is a perfect death metal alternative to a wanky, long-winded black metal band.
by screambloodygore August 01, 2005

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Located at 50.00N latitude and 110.45W longitude, in Alberta, Canada, just over the border from Saskatchewan, the place where anyone from Maple Creek who drives a truck, or has a friend or parent who drives a truck, can be found at weekends loading up on furniture, appliances, and bulk goods and groceries from Wal-Mart or Superstore; closer and nicer than Swift Current, and conveniently located on Highway 1.
Person from Maple Creek: Are we going to Medicine Hat ("The Hat") this weekend?
Person 2: Yeah, where else would we go?
Person 1: What about Swift Current?
*Person 1 and Person 2 look at each other and burst out laughing*
by screambloodygore September 24, 2005

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1. Located at 43.10N latitude and 79.15W longitude, one of the many urban centres in Southern Ontario, with beautiful residential neighbourhoods, a great shopping mall, and only a long tunnel away from Niagara Falls, where you can drop the kids off in the whale tank in Marineland and let the nice whales babysit them on their noses for the rest of the day, while you spend a spectacular night of sophisticated adult tourism shopping, riding the Maid of the Mist and the jetboats, hiking around the river gorge, or just standing and admiring Niagara Falls while taking in the friendly, carefree atmosphere of the city, and the stifling 90% humidity, which usually makes the temperature feel like 45 deg C.

2. A great place for kids to hunt snails all the day under the porch while the adults socialize in the pool, go to Chinese restaurants, one of the many immaculate coffee and donut shops, or cross-border shopping in New York. Also a place where you can easily become a rich, retired woman's considerably younger boytoy.
Person 1: Hey, you wanna go on a road trip to St. Catharines?
Person 2: Okay, we'll go shopping, stay in a nice hotel, find some MILFs and have a beach party.
by screambloodygore September 24, 2005

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The most notorious, if not the greatest, heavy metal guitarist of all-time, with a great attitude, and an unrivaled passion for the genre of music and all that it stood for - the ultimate epitome of heavy metal, usually found on a stage in a small club, medium-sized auditorium or large arena, wielding his guitar like a battle axe and emitting gut-wrenching walls of sound to hundreds of banging heads.
R.I.P. Dimebag Darrell
by screambloodygore August 20, 2005

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1. Grunting, growling or screaming out heavy metal lyrics; usually refers to someone who does this well, but if you sing along to your albums at home and they're normally vocalized that way by the original band performing them, you can also "scream bloody gore".

2. Screaming loudly, shrilly - at the top of your lungs - for a prolonged period of time, when you get badly hurt or see someone else get hurt.

3. A landmark song by the heavy metal band Death off of their first full-length album.

4. A landmark album by the heavy metal band Death; also their first full-length album, which was released in 1987, and began a legacy that lasted for 12 years, 7 full-length albums, Chuck Schuldiner's slow and steady conversion to Christianity and the rotating of the inverted cross in the Death logo to an upright Christian one.
Example 1: I listened to all the 7 Death albums last night and screamed bloody gore the whole way through.

Example 2: Andrew had the operation on his ingrown toenail yesterday... he screamed bloody gore.

Example 3: "Lobotomized corpse, shredding your flesh, leaving your body a bloody mess... scream bloody GORE!"
by screambloodygore September 24, 2005

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Located at 52.2°N latitude and 106.7°W latitude, one of the most all-around beautiful cities in Canada, and the greatest place in Saskatchewan. It's easy to find your way around, has a great Thriftlodge motel on 42nd and Idlywyld Dr., which is cheap but still near-magnificient, Radio Cab company which has the nicest drivers of any cab company I've ever ridden with, a 3-story A&B Sound right outside the Greyhound station, and scores of nice people who are proud to live in a clean, compact city.
Saskatoon is much better than Regina, which is full of loud, sloppy drunks, usually donning Molson Canadian or Budweiser caps; or Swift Current, where hotels are always booked, and people are overweight, mouthy and completely unhelpful.
by screambloodygore August 01, 2005

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