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to embody in all aspects the essence of all things gangsta.
Yo, you got a candy apple green VW Bus on 25's? That shit is humperdink!
by Thunder Jones January 18, 2010
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An old, fat woman who's notorious for speaking her mind and giving people advice when it's least solicited; the kind who's usually president of the community association, makes a lot of public complaints, and starts a lot of awareness and protest movements, because she has nothing better to do, often because she doesn't have a job and is nothing but a housewife with no post-secondary education or ambitions. Think about your neighbourhood busy-body; chances are that she's all but 1 or 2 of these things. (see: Kyle's mom)

A lot of times, she can also be a janitor at a school or department store.
Person 1: Look, here comes Humperdink.
Person 2: I hate that cunt.
Person 3: Me too.
Person 1: Let's look this way and just keep on talking.
Person 2, 3: Good idea.
by screambloodygore October 04, 2005
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giving someone a piggyback ride through a merryfield
"You need a high risk sexual tactic where both parties are oiled up? I'd say go with a humperdink."
by ma jones May 19, 2004
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