1. Located at 49.55N latitude and 109.29W longitude in a meteor crater from the crustaceous era or earlier, estimated at 75 million years old, which is only slightly higher than the median age of the town, and probably slightly lower than the median age of the people who drive through town and usually converge at an intersection with Jasper St. and get caught in a face-off, because no one knows who's going first.

2. A growing community estimated at 2700 people with more to do than Fox Valley, Piapot, and other immediately surrounding areas. Questionable public accomodations, but adequate shopping, even for some furniture and small appliances. Lots of hard-working, helpful people, and if you're 16 and have wood, there's lots of places to put it. Just shop around a bit first, and double up on condoms just to be safe.
Person 1: *wipes sweat* I'm so glad we're not in Fox Valley anymore.
Person 2: Let's stop in Maple Creek, they have the best pussy between Swift Current and Medicine Hat.
Person 1: Okay but we're ditching first thing in the morning and going to Calgary.
Person 2: Absolutely.
by screambloodygore September 24, 2005
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That middle school everybody dreads in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Home to many kids who don't understand the process of growing up. Almost everyone there has gotten a detention or been to summer school. Atleast they have a China exchange program...
You go to Maple Creek Middle School ?
Yeah, why?
by MCMSkid March 25, 2011
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