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The best damn show that was ever on tv.
once you start down the road you can never go back at least thats what yoda says
by scarysnowman May 28, 2004
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you know paris hilton, the skinny whore who has more money than god.
bob:that paris hilton sure is hot.
Sue:oh,last night at the club i saw her with your grandpa.
Bob: what? Whore
by scarysnowman May 31, 2004
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someone who went to the feztival on june 18, and can safetly say that new found glory,story of the year, and hoobastank suck.
STUPID CHILD: hoobastank rocked
ME:now my brain is clear
by scarysnowman June 24, 2004
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a very predictable show where rich kids, go through very unreralistic problems.
i caught my mom with that worthless whore who works at snack shack.
by scarysnowman May 28, 2004
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