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To update one’s facebook status with the sole intent of fishing for compliments
Did you see Carmen's facebook status update? She said "Carmen is _______". She's totally fishbooking!
by sawdo February 08, 2010
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when you see someone who’s drunk, and you feel envious that you aren’t at that same level
Dude, look at Julian. He's trashed! I'm having some major drenvy.
by sawdo January 27, 2010
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You order a meal at a restaurant, and a friend orders one of the other meals you were thinking about ordering. Upon arrival, you see your own meal, along with the other meal, and completely regret making that decision.
"As soon as I saw Amer's chicken and cheddar omelette, I became extremely mealous"
by sawdo February 02, 2010
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when you can’t fall asleep due to extreme hunger
Joey laid in bed for hours due to his instarvia, only to get over his laziness and make himself a sandwich
by sawdo January 29, 2010
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when your friends have to convince you to go to a party or event, and upon arrival you find that the party is uncomfortably packed
What the hell, Dustin! I told you I didn't want to come. This place is packed! I've been constibaited!
by sawdo January 27, 2010
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to distract others from being aware of the passing time in order to delay for a discreet motive
Bill: Alright man, I'm gonna run.
Steve: Hold on man, Jill and her hot friend Stacy are coming. Stacy is single and down!
Bill: Dude, I really gotta run.
Steve: Stacy is realllly hot. You should just chill.
Bill: Dude, stop clockblocking! I'm leaving!
by sawdo January 27, 2010
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