To try and take back what you just said. In reference to the way a crawfish swims/walks -- backwards.
Jimmy done say he wanted to titty-fuck that bitch but when he find out she be my kid sista he start crawfishin' like a muthafucka.
by Charlie Golf April 5, 2004
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A woman with an attractive body, but an unattractive face. Much like the crustacean, you want to bite off the head and eat the body.
Oh man, this girl has the greatest pair of tits, but her face looks like her neck threw up. Total crawfish!
by wlc123 February 13, 2011
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When a person online is significantly more attractive in their photos than in real life. Verb. Similarly to the act of catfishing someone, but you’re just uglier in real life.
John: Man, I met Maria, that girl from tinder last night.

Brett: was she as hot as her pics?

John: nah man, she was a total crawfish.
by Trulifecrawfish July 16, 2018
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A derogatory term as a slang for dark skinned people.
Bob:hey crawfish
Jerome: what did you just say my dude?!
by Bumblebob May 14, 2016
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Backing out of a commitment or situation, especially when it doesn't go your way.
As a crawfish walks backwards when threatened or attacked.
by Brad Watkins September 10, 2003
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to cheat, decieve, or otherwise do a person wrong
I'd take the deal, crawfish that ol devil, and drill him in the ass.
by Alex December 3, 2003
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