The manliest state of being. Basically being able to do any of the following: chop down trees with your penis, eat rocks for breakfast and shit out gunpowder, headbutt your front door open, causing it to splinter into pieces, jump off a cliff and break your fall with your face, wrestle sharks, kill a bear with your bare hands, etc.
Dude man man gets all the bitches and makes them clamjoust. I know he is finnin as fuck.
by Matt Furgerson October 25, 2006
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an overused nickname for a son in a black household
hey pookie! get man man for me
by javo August 13, 2005
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man man is a man that has became a man because the old man man has killed the fake man man but he died like a man so a man has became man man to replace the old man man and created the unique man language
guy1:man man man
guy2:man man man man man
guy1:man man

guy1 and guy2: MAN MAN (kill him!)
by riganman!@# April 28, 2020
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a dude you meet during your formative or developmental years who always has your back through thick and thin. you keep in touch and make an effort to hang out. play sports with one another, buy a beer for. often the person you go to to when your girl wont cut it or dies. secrets exist because there is much love and trust and some things don't transfer between gender.
"seriously mike, are you gay for jon?"
"no, he's my man man, i'd do anything for him"
"that's gross"
"you're jealous, stop hating, and go find one for yourself"
"i got a girl"
"a girl is different than your best friend, they can become your wife"
by eleventenseventy September 22, 2008
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Used in Israel as a sign of appreciation of someone.
That Shaul Mofaz, he is so great. He is a man man.
by YoYo's dad March 13, 2005
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A bro, usually from the quiet town of Simsbury Connecticut, who lives a life full of getting "buzzed", sipping on the alc, getting stoned. All man man's have a strong passion for brew. The daily activities of a man man consist of looking for a spot to go and get buzzed at. A man man's vocabulary is full of many combinations of the following words:
Yo mannn, I am -the man man-! I got so buzzed last night after i drank like sixty brews at this sick spot! maaaaaan ya
by Dank Nugs Laxer 4 July 10, 2008
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A Man who Repairs unbroken items. He tends to act like The Cat in the Hat at time, and has a tendency to piss people the fuck off.
Dude 1: Damn the remote's broken.

Dude 2: Nah, it just needs new batteries.

RMMMMMMM: I'll save the day because I am Repair Man Man Man Man Man Man Man . . . (*crash*)

Dude 2: Hide the remote man!

Dude !: I can't he broke my fucking arm, asshole.
by Jolly Ranchers September 27, 2009
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