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Home to like 99% of the jews in nj...i've never seen so many jappy girls wearing sevens, true religions, hudsons, marc jacobs, prada, lv, gucci, fendi, and pounds of diamonds...the guys walk around looking japier than the girls. theres no specific group of stoners since every single kid is on drugs. the parents have to much of a life to argue with their kids so they give them their credit cards and tell them to max them out...short hills thinks their better, but they don't hold a candle to the jappiness, snobbiness, or amount of money as people in is basically the upper east side of new jersey and reeks of wealth. Everyone has the sickest bodies even if their not born with them, they'll get trainers and nutritionists as soon as the get a pinch of fat on their bodies. The student parking lot filled with range rovers, bmws, and mercedes trucks makes the teacher parking lot look like a junkyard...if you live in this town and are not jewish your asain and only hang out with asians...teens start smoking at 13 and once the hit freshman year don't go a weekend without getting stoned and drunk...your placed in a social group by how much money you have and how good looking you are. the cops don't do anything but sit on their asses and drive around busting the parties. the marjority of kids have 4.0 gpas and go to top 25 colleges even if their not smart cause daddy will donate millions just to get u in to the school of your choice.
This town is the greatest town in new jersey, and yes it sounds like the most disquisting obnoxious place, but really its amazing.
its not uncommon for girls in livingston to have more than 1 nose jobs
by jaj1345 November 14, 2005
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Livingston is a money-nouveau town, located near Shorthills, Roseland, East Hanover and Milburn. It’s a clean town and has a very low crime-rate. The people in this town like to wear brand-name clothes and drive fancy cars. The Livingston School system is renowned for its academics, nevertheless a lot of pressure is put on teens in Livingston High School to get into great Universities and succeed in life. This town is made up of businesses and banks, so the local Starbucks is the big hang-out spot for kids and adults alike. Those who have been raised in modest families may find this town rather lonely, as it may be hard to relate to and connect with people. Still, Livingston is a safe little community, so it is no wonder why families want to raise their kids there.
1."Wow check out all those fancy cars!"

"Yes, we have entered the town of Livingston."

2."Lets go to Starbucks on Livingston Ave. and partay!!"
by CosmopolitanLady May 18, 2009
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Livingston kids smoke weed, do horse tranquilizers, cocaine, heroin, shrooms, salvia, and all other drugs possible
by fuckingrad March 22, 2013
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Livingston, NJ, so much to say about this town...First lets start at the high school which they are called the lancers. Umm, wait a second, what the fuck is a lancer? Some sort of a knight, how did this rich town end up with being some sort of weird code name for a knight that unless you live in livingston you probably have never heard of the word before. And onto the kids, which mainly consist of only two types of people, jews and asians. Seriously, this town is way over 50% jewish and somehow seems to also be over 50% asain. If you go to livingston and last more then 5 minutes without seeing a jew or asian i think a miracle has just occured. All the jews are also the jappiest jews you will find anywhere, the all are insanly rich and smart, plus the girls are complete bitches, and the guys arn't too far from them either. They all wear whatever either costs the most or (for the girls) is the least amount of clothing they can find or (for the guys) is the longest shorts they can find. Then you go to the asians who like never seem to be away from each other, i dont think that they ever actually hang out with anyone but other asians. The worst part is looking at the lunch tables, one table is full of the sluts, one full of the jocks, one full of the asians, then you have the random freshman, sophmore, junior, and senior tables around the room, they are completely seperated into specific groups. They all have their clicks and if you leave yours then your stuck with nothing. Then lets go to how smart these kids are, well do i even have to say? It's a town filled with jews and asians can they not all be geniuses? To even be in like the top 10% of the class you need a GPA over 4! YES OVER 4! And then everyone is stuck with like 3.8 gpas, so sad thats just a horrible gpa right? Then like to make sure they keep it up, the parents all just yell at their kids if they get anything under A's which makes everything just get impossible.

Now lets get away from the school and go to the actual town. Where do all these kids hang out at night whats to do in this town? silence THERE'S ALSO NOTHING TO DO AT NIGHT IN THIS TOWN! If you walked around the whoel town the only place you could even find kids is in starbucks! STARBUCKS! its a coffee shop?! why is almost the entire town hanging out in a coffee shop?! Well when there is absolutely nothing else in the entire down but a starbucks, i guess thats what they're stuck doing. So besides starbucks, the kids just end up going over each others houses and having parties. Now remember this town is full of rich people, so of course all the kids have all the money they want so they go out and get all the drugs and alcohol that kids can have. Almost every1 in the entire town has either been drunk, high or had cigerettes by the time they end their freshman year of HS! It's almost a given that every1 here does drugs.

Well thats livingston, its really not that bad of a town, its really fun and lots of coo peeps to hang with, but also VERY easy to make fun of so thats what all this is
Livingston is a town full of jews, and asians, thats all rich and insanly smart with absolutely nothing to do on nights
by Lets Go Knicks! November 23, 2005
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Town in Central Scotland, often inhabited by chavs or inbreds, or both. People have smaller than average heads.
"Oh my god, look at him, he is so from livingston!"
by eesyweesy February 18, 2009
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a town that tries to be Short Hills. everyone here is insanly jappy, jappier than any town in new jersey, they spend all their money on clothes and material items so they buy mid sized homes instead of huge mansions. almost everyone is jewish. walking through the halls of livingston highschool you've never seen so much juicy, tiffany, solos, and james pierse. theres nothing to do so people hang out at starbucks and walk to the marble slab. it's boring and the only drug in the highschool is weed, and everyone thinks there so cool and badass when they blaze. half of the parents are wealthy and half are struggling to get by with the rising poperty values. the richest however lies in Short Hills but the real money (multi-million dollar estates) are tucked away in new vernon, far hills, tweaksbury, bernardsville, madison and basking ridge in huge houses hidden on ancres of lush green property by those who dont flash around there money and show off how much they have. this is unlike short hills and livingston who garishly flaunt everything they have and gossip like no one else. livingston high school is home to hallways of abercrombie clad posers who think there scene becasue they love love love fall out boy! yayyy and have no idea what real underground music or good music for that matter is. their depiction of anyone hardcore comes from hot topic, and not one person had depth or any concept of reality. except the asains which there ar quite a few of. there parents slave everyday at work to buy them what they want, these kids have no idea whats its like to live on a budget or the true value of money, or atleast there parents would never let them. to this town millburn is a gettho, chattam is poor and maplewood is a waste of time with a small movie theatre. livingston parties suck and get old fast. theres an endless supply of beer and prude girls. livingston is home of the prudest girls in new jersey, unlike short hills girls who are sluts. there is pretty much not one black person in livingston. livingston high school is one big competition to be popular. livingston natives are a waste of natrual reasorces.
im a girl from livingston, i wear a juicy tracksuit or jeans with a big belt and wife-beater every day. im so prude im in 9th grade and i've only kissed one boy. omg omg that amazing panic at the disco song is on Z100 again ugh im so cool, im totally gonna rock bamboozle, not like i no anyone except mmm 4 bands playing. w.e im so hot everyone there is gonna want me. omg ew black is not a pretty color
by K.L April 05, 2006
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