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A group of idiotic hypocrites who believe that their right to freedom of speech was violated when people stopped buying their albums.
Yes they have the freedom to say what they want, but that also means that other people have the right to strongly disagree with them and dislike them for it.
That is why they are hypocrites, they believe that they have the right to say what they want, but yet they think that their fans don't have the right to stop financially supporting them if they disagree with them.
The dixie chicks are uneducated hypocrites who twist the meaning of freedom of speech. Freedom of speech means you can't be criminally prosecuted for what you say, it sure as hell doesn't mean that everyone has to share your opinion and like you.
by Russell July 21, 2004
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Unfounded or ludicrouse beliefs
Belief in talking to the dead, belief in telikenesis, in fact any belief not founded on good evidence, the poorer the evidence the more Woo Woo the belief.
by Russell January 14, 2003
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Freudian theory that we all want to fuck our mothers and kill our fathers at some stage in early childhood. It is normal and the emotion need not be suppressed. Three year olds are normally to small to act out this desire.
by Russell September 08, 2003
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a pro wrestling move in which a wrestler puts his arm straight out to the side and knocks his opponent over, either from his own momentum or his opponents'
Hulk Hogan gave a wicked clothesline to the Macho man.
by Russell July 11, 2004
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to get a lot of sperm on a girl's face (or guy for some you)
Jane is a total slut, she got cum blasted by Bill.
by Russell July 11, 2004
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Centre of the Universe. Mind the gap.
Pronounced wot-fud
I am going to Watford tonight to get very drunk and try to chat up some females
by Russell September 08, 2003
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a funny way to say "idiot"
John never uses his turn signal because he's an ijit
by Russell July 12, 2004
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