14 definitions by rupert

lengendary speedbot, player of albion merlin
wtf social distortion did it again!
by rupert July 9, 2004
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A male "Skater Boi" who was emotionally devoted to Avril. Upon the impending marriage of Avril, the Skater Boi attempted to express their frustration through skateboarding. When that failed to soothe the emotional loss, the skater boi turned gay.
Kearney used to like Avril, but now he won't quit looking at Norton's butt.
by rupert September 25, 2004
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a cool person but can never compare to sklov and rupert
wow that guy is joyres
by rupert November 22, 2003
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(adj.) Relating to or describing very cryptic pronounciations over the telephone.
"Yes, that's right. The H is silent, as in kehndog."
by rupert May 14, 2004
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A classic show which takes place inside a computer.
Enzo is my favorite character in Reboot.
by rupert March 31, 2004
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"haha..pmal is lamp spelled backwards.."
"dude, you've been snorting bleach"
by rupert April 21, 2005
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dirty, stinky, often wrinkly saggy-puss
I stuck my dick in her bunchcroodle and it smelled for four days.
by rupert November 8, 2003
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