14 definitions by rupert

A Jumble of words not making any sense to anyone except the person who is saying it. Comes from the latin word 'catiesretard" Made into blabbled in Dublin, Ireland
A.Just blabble it all out, even if I won't understand
by rupert July 27, 2004
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josh trout is an acid dealer. He is also a rapist.
by rupert March 4, 2004
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A classic show which takes place inside a computer.
Enzo is my favorite character in Reboot.
by rupert March 31, 2004
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"haha..pmal is lamp spelled backwards.."
"dude, you've been snorting bleach"
by rupert April 21, 2005
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a digi is a cadavers feelings of inadequecy
the cadaver is feeling quite digi today
by rupert January 18, 2005
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A polish whore that bathes in Malaysian feces(poopy)
From the latin word whojjiggus.
Came about by Mr. Murray being a retard
1.You are a whojiggy
2.I love whojiggie's
3. That Catie is definitely not a whojiggy
by rupert July 27, 2004
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a wikey is a wanna be pikey, someone that owns a four by four, a caravan, sells dags (pikey for dogs), and will sell you anyone of them, even though they're a nice middle class boy deep down. Predominantly seen in the festival, and party scene, often owns a 'bit of land' in southern spain, or similar.
he's such a wikey
by rupert November 11, 2003
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