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a. A person that is so involved in drugs, alcohol, sex, and general debauchery above what is conceiveably possible.
b. A shady character.
c. Someone that appears to have no moral judgment, self-respect, or general hygiene to the point where he/she is a total laughingstock that must be avoided.
Holy crap man, he lives in Roxbury, obviously hes a sketchball.

She dumped him and went out with two other guys on the same day? Holy sketchball, batman!
by Rooster October 24, 2003

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Ghetto for "Alright"
Q: "Pass the hot sauce".
A: "Aah-ite"

"You have the right to remin silent"

by Rooster June 04, 2002

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the patch of skin between the anus and vagina.
Melissa shaves her "taint" and it is quite lovley.
by Rooster June 04, 2002

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bad ass rap, rock, country band from Bluemound,Tx.

Known for getting kicked out of clubs
X:Are you goin to see Pimpadelic this weekend at the Ridglea.
Y:Hell yeah!
by Rooster July 12, 2004

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almost a fisting but only minor penetration to the cake hole
the bastard was whining like a fucking sheila so I invested in a jacksie punch
by Rooster January 19, 2004

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another term for the gay man
My roommate just told me he is a fucking donut puncher
by Rooster January 29, 2005

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The elegant name for pussy. Sounds French, huh?
"I funna go get me some pusois..."
by Rooster June 04, 2002

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