It is Pittsburgh's Area Code. It is on merchandise and is known around the world. It's famous n'at.
Person 1: May I ask where are you from?
Person 2: I'm from da Burgh, da 412. I'm from Pixburgh, Pennsivania. Da six time super bowl champs, Home of da Stillers! The good ole' Iron City!
Person 3: Ah, you are what they call a Yinzer .

Google shopfouronetwo
by JustASteelBoyOnASaturdayNight February 10, 2014
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A code for "Overacting" in 'St. George and the Dragonet' by Stan Freberg
St. George: I'm take'n you in on a 502, you figure it out.

Dragon: What's the charge.

St. George: Devouring maddins out of season.


St. George: Yeah. I hear ya. I got you on a 412 to.

Dragon: A 412! WHAT'S A 412!!

St. George: Overacting. Let's go.
by r@ndomus August 23, 2005
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nickname for Kristen, also the street her previous house was at which was 100x better than the new one
That shit never would have happened on 412.
by rooster June 7, 2003
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using the bathroom while on the phone. direct relationship with the advent of cordless phones and cell phones especially.

portmanteau of "the 4-1-1" and the euphemisms "number 1" and "number 2".

David Sedaris has a really funny bit about his sister doing this to him, I have tried to approximate it below.
David: "So tell me more about this new guy you're seeing."

Amy: "Hold on, I'm just trying to HHHUUUUNNNNGRGHRHR get this JAR open *straining sounds*...whew...yeah the new guy's great!"

David: "Oh my god, Amy, did you just pull the 412 on me?!!??!"
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If there are any undefined rules, then it is your responsibility to define them.
Person 1: Rule 412 is undefined
Person B: Rule 412
Person 1: What !?!
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Led By SCOOP A Group of Bad Ass Cold Hearted Pittsburgh Lovin Mothafucka's ...A.K.A Tha 412 Movement for everything inlcuding music , sport stars , gangsters , bike riders , and chapters of all sort. If your down w/ the 412 u best check us on F.B.
Man Scoop got the crew , not any crew Tha 412 Crew
by Scoop412 April 29, 2011
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