22 definitions by rollercoasterkid

During sex, the male is extremely short and the girl is having a screaming orgasm
Hey wee man!

Hey dude.


Just gave this hot chick a "Screaming Goblin"

by rollercoasterkid April 14, 2010
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Someone who drinks down Semen like a hummer drinks down gas.
Hey doode i just got a blowjob, she was a real "Semen Guzzler
by rollercoasterkid April 14, 2010
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A mixture of Shit, Ass, and Fuck.
Bitch i had such a shack last night. She had a great ass, and she shit while i fucked her ass.
by rollercoasterkid December 18, 2011
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Where you are about to get a blowjob and when you don't realize it the girl fills her mouth with hot sauce....

What happened man????

She gave me a "red hot chilli
by rollercoasterkid April 17, 2010
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The foreskin and the head of the penis makes a pocket designed to hold your everyday items.
Mkay lets see what that cock looks like...Haha you have a "Foreskin Pocket".
by rollercoasterkid April 15, 2010
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where you are in front of a crowd and you blurt out the word "FUCK!"
(Beautyfull music plays. Boy messes up)
by rollercoasterkid April 13, 2010
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