128 definitions by rick

Lewis smokes man-pipe. (Gives blow jobs)
by rick December 23, 2003
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is an african beer like a milk stout, traditional zulu beer
Pass me a Juba Dad, mum has dried up
by rick January 7, 2005
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I'm experiencing kayf
by rick December 4, 2003
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Means you're not making any sense you mooncricket
Yo, are you narpheling da gartox?
by rick January 27, 2005
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Paper napkins unused by the previous occupant of the table in a Cafeteria or Fast Food type setting.
Person 1: "They gave me my order, but I forgot to grab some napkins!"
Person 2: "Thats ok, we can just use these nastykins."
Person 1: "Gross dude, who knows who left them here?"
Person 2: "They're still clean, aren't they?"
by rick April 24, 2007
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nice and loveing guy, also cind of cool
you are so neco, my love
by rick July 7, 2003
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over-extending the normal boundaries of nerddom
the kids at nerdnyc.com are nerdcore
by rick October 15, 2003
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