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Admit it....the kind of sex you really want!
Ewwwww! Those guys are having gay sex!
by richard September 14, 2004

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a situation almost impossible to get out of; a problem virtually unsolvable;
His political advisers told him to stay away from the controversy,
that it was a no-win cause, a “tar baby.”
by Richard April 18, 2004

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Ironic yet affectionate term for the city of Brisbane, Australia (population nearing 1.7 million these days). It's also a city a lot of people - especially southerners - like to rag, however I personally love the place and consider the people to be intelligent and friendly, and the weather fantastic. There's nothing hick-like about this town. Perhaps there was in the Sir Joh era (circa 1980s), but certainly not anymore.

As far as I am aware, the term "Brisvegas" originated as an ironic association with Las Vegas, to pay out on Brissy's less-than-perfect nightlife scene and perhaps its general "things to do" factor (at the time). And yet, while meant to be an insult initially, recently Brisbanites have "reclaimed" the word, of sorts, as an endearing term for a city that, while not exactly being "where it's at" in any sense of the word, is still a pretty cool place to live.
Going home to Brisvegas this weekend.
by Richard December 22, 2003

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Our Lord and savior.
Eric Clapton is my God
by Richard December 31, 2003

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A beautiful bowed, four stringed insrtument, played between the knees. it's in the tuning of C. it's strings are (from highest to lowest) A,D,G,C. it usually plays harmony or backround but is often featured in concertos and sonatas.
Yo-Yo Ma is a Cellist.
Rasputina is a band featuring 3 cellos.
by Richard February 03, 2004

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Not fit for purpose.
Applies to both people and objects.
That car of yours is demic - it's always breaking down.
by Richard January 09, 2005

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This person is truly the best thing that ever happened to me. She is my only true love, she is a perfect angel.
Kait is a walking, talking angel of mine.
by richard January 22, 2005

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