a bald cunt who likes to sing to his darling all day , a mr Collins is a retard at his job and everything in life
by steven maynardsteven maynard February 6, 2018
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Mrs.Colloms is a real bitch. She is always in your business and is very creepy. She is usually a teacher and probably hasn't been fucked in 30 years. Also typically red head.
Wow I would hate to be mrs. Collins.
Wow, your such a mrs. Collins I mean your no fun and a creep, get away from me!

Mrs. Collins is a Greek name for " rapist" and it was fround soon to have that as a name or be called it.
by Me. CockBlocker113122 December 1, 2016
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Sexy sexy man with particularly good legs! Great sense of humour and lovely taste in cars!

Probably a bit fruity because he just is!!!
Urghhhh he’s so fit anyway….if you got a mr Collins keep him close!
Mr Collins is really really fit
by Dilly Willy January 11, 2023
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Actual twat and is crap and his job he literally needs to get fired. He used to have a pet cockroach until he killed it in his sleep. He also goes round Pokémon go hunting looking like E.T.
Don’t be a mr collins he’s an actual twat
by Moistbreadisyummy November 17, 2018
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