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Just a quick thought, why is it wrong to be a necropheliac but it's okay to say I would jump your bones?
Some dude, "you are so fit I would jump your bones!"
by RicHARD April 15, 2005
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its the new form of prep dress, it takes the old form and re-creates it for the time of today, you would wear polos in light shades ie. baby pink, blue, and green, cut off kahkis, flip-flops, and a cute tote.
some exaples that sell this style would be american eagle.
by RicHARD April 15, 2005
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what the fuck ever you want
I bust my nickel plated whistle and let one slip into that crazy fool.
by RicHARD September 23, 2003
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The act of skidding to a stop on one's face, or lower lip. To catch one's front edge while snowboarding, resulting in a wipe out where the rider ends up on their face. See bail and face plant
Holy shit, that guy just did a huge lip skid when he tried to stop on his snowboard
by RicHARD November 26, 2003
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