a broad slang term used for cheap snacks
"Yo, Jon had M&Ms, Cheetos, cookies, oreos, even popcorn. The guy had more snizzles than real food."

"Dude, you running to Wal-Mart? I gotta pick up some snizzles."

(Walking into friends house with a bag of Doritos) "SNIZZLES!"
by hatedderok January 13, 2010
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(n) precipiation which does not take the form of snow nor rain but rather a mixture of the two
(v) to snizzle

not to be confused with "sizzling" or ghetto slange such as "foshizzle"
i.e. By God! It's beginning to snizzle! Rain boots or snow boots? That is the question!
by nwar February 25, 2008
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A clean shaven, tight and ripe young vagina. When bent over the snizzle replicates the look of a freshly sliced Freestone peach.

Snizzle ceases to exist around the age of 25 years old, often younger. At which point becomes a Frazzle.
Damn, Id like to taste that snizzle!
That is one fresh snizzle!
by Rizztech November 01, 2006
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sleet and drizzle = snizzle
The snizzle made the roads pretty dern dangerous when we were driving to see them.
by Sandygirl April 23, 2009
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A perfect tuxedo cat, that is, a tuxedo cat with no white on its face.
Joe: "Hey have you seen bob's new snizzle that we picked up from the pet shop"
Tom "Yeah, Its totally rad"
by 2Y2Factor May 19, 2015
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