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Platinum 8 { a.k.a Majestic King 8 or simply King Platinum } is the single greatest thug on the planet, legend has it that he created the universe over one billion trillion years ago by busting a rhyme that was so amazing it that it fabricated the very essence of the universe.

Platinum 8 is best known for his sculpted 8 pack abs hence the "8" and his charming abilities on women. Scriptures maintain, that on more than one occasion, he has caused every single hot woman on the planet to have an orgasm when he quickly flashed his 8 pack abs and whispered a ghetto rhyme.

His hobbies include:
being rediculously good looking
being the single greatest fighter MMA, Muay Thai etc on the planet and several other neighbourning solar systems
being rediculously good looking
going to the gym to look at underlings trying to be like him
nah brah, i would, but im very bust atm being really really handsome and flexing my 8 pack, maybe later .... CATCH BROWSKIE!.. platinum 8 out!
by anonim00SE June 22, 2010
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