116 definition by ray

(noun)Dick; penis; cock; hard on; man tool.
Good morning, Honey. Will you suck on my shank again?
by Ray March 04, 2004

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a real gangsta rapper unlike the fake ass bitch 50 who talk alot shit of about him but also has an restraning order on him he calls him pussy and wanksta but what happened when he stabbed his ass its murda bitch
real gangsta rappper bitch murda
by ray March 09, 2005

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Piss Me Off
It's called PCee instead of PMO because PCee sounds better.
"Bruh! Stop messing with me!!! PCee bruh, damn!!!
by Ray February 09, 2005

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trendie fusion (townie+greb=treb)yes my rocker friends they exist and they are kind to both sides of the war.
also called a townie with a heart.
rocker: hi dave you okay today?
treb: yeah i'll see you later
townie: a'reet yoof?
treb: yeah i'll see you later

see any trouble here?
by Ray February 04, 2005

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Someone who has stepped in Shit...
God Damn it stephanie you tracked shit all over my house you fucking Mud Foot!
by Ray July 02, 2004

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a jitterbug. a new arrival in Prison that is jittery about their new situation.
Dat jit better settle down before he gets punkd.
by Ray April 16, 2004

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A person, male or female who meets one of the following criteria:
1) Never goes anywhere or does anything
2) Is Gay
3) Has best friends of the opposite sex who he/she will do anything for yet still gets no play
"Don't be a klynn"
by Ray October 22, 2003

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