It's love. That's all there is too it. But it's between 2 people of the same gender, instead of between a male and female. But in terms of feelings and love, it's the same as male-to-female love. It's the goal of many of those who are LGBT+ to achieve.
I wish I could have gay love, but I know 0 guys who are gay in my area, only many on the internet. I'm still closeted, and our area tends to be more homophobic, and my high school is run by lazy assholes that don't support us. One day I hope I can escape this place and chase after love in a more accepted region, like California. (True story by the way)
by @ryandolan123 September 20, 2014
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A topic once joked about by Bo Burnham, recollecting on how his mother told him about gay sex
Gay Love-Two men strip down, snuggle up to one another in bed and SHIT ON THE BIBLE
by TheCommunistFly March 1, 2020
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affection between male acquaintances, that is in no way homosexual

also know as NGML
guy 1 - "man I love you"
guy 2 - "I love you too!"
guy 1 - "looks like a case of non-gay man love"
by sluggaa October 28, 2010
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I love gays is a phrase to say when proclaiming your love for the lgbt community. Some do not like this phrase and that is ok. All people have different opinions
He said at the Pride festival "I Love Gays" while holding a pride flag
by February 16, 2019
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A man who records themselves having sex and then goes back and watches coz they love their own dick so much
You’d watch your own porn. Your such a self dick loving gay
by Nowivehearditall September 18, 2021
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