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1) A text-mode environment, which, depending on the operating system, may be used locally (as is the case for most DOS sessions) or remotely (via ssh).

2) A computer intended for limited user interaction, such as the NES or the Playstation. Such computers are intended only for loading single programs in one session, although newer consoles are able to performs such feats as getting on the internet, networking between other consoles of the same type, and even running various operating systems compiled for its internals. Common input devices for consoles include controllers (also called paddles sometimes), joysticks, or arcade pads.

3) An archaic reference to the user input and output devices on a computer.

4) The dashboard of a car.
1) The hacker telnet'd into my system and erased my porn archive through the console.

2) I spent all of my childhood in front of a console.

3) ENIAC's console stopped working ever since I had golden showers with my lover on it.

4) I want to put these badass guages in my Civic, but I don't want to remove the console.
by ravingidiot July 6, 2004
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The Fidonet Awk Utility; used for pattern matching regarding applications such as email and usenet. This utility provides the same capabilities as awk on unix system, which can be used to read flat-file databases or to make quick searches and replacements. Fawk is also compatible with grep syntax.
I totally FAwked this spam! I am teh 13373$7! pwn3d Pfizer, pwn3d!
by ravingidiot July 4, 2004
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1) Various forks of Gary Kildall's cp/m. These usually use monolithic singletasking, although programs running under DOS can be written to exhibit multitasking.

2) Microsoft DOS, one of Microsoft's first example's of making money off of borrowed code. Microsoft bought QDOS (Quick and Dirty Operating System) from Tim Patterson in the early 80s. As a result of this, a chain reaction started and Microsoft products now run on approximately 90% of all computers despite their steep prices and reputation of crashing. MS-DOS uses the FAT12 and FAT16 systems natively, and are also fundamental parts of non-NT Windows implementations.
1) DOS is teh ubar OS

2) Oh snap! I lost my DOS disks! Now I gotta pay $135 for a new liscenced copy or else the RIAA will hunt my ass down!
by ravingidiot July 5, 2004
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1. An exclamation point (!). Bangs have various significance in computer languages. In boolean logic, a bang can be shorthand for NOT (e.g. !x, !=). A bang in some languages can be used to denote the start of a comment line. In some cases, a bang is also used as a delimiter.
2. To fuck someone.
1. Bang-X is another way of saying not-x.
2. I should have never banged the chick with herpes.
by ravingidiot August 25, 2004
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1. An algorithm whose arguments are converted into a fixed-length representation called a digest. Hashes are usually used for sensitive data because the results are irreversable.
2. The pound/oglethorpe sign (#), used by many computer languages to denote the start of a single line comment block.
3. Slang for hasish, an extract from the resin of marijuana plants. This resin is usually many times more potent than the plant material acquired from such plants.
4. One of two lateral dashed lines on a football field. Hash lines are usually placed in a way that divides the field into thirds.
1. Use an md5 hash to store my password.
2. A hash followed by a bang and an application path is a directive which may be used to determine how a shell script is handled.
3. Coach gets made at me when I smoke his hash.
4. When Coach gets mad, I shit on the hash lines.
by ravingidiot August 25, 2004
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