An expression or value that evaluates as either true or false, logically, or as a 0 or 1 to a compiler.
Programmer: Did you see how I tested that boolean?
Project Manager: Booya!
by Minstrel March 6, 2003
1. noun. When someone tryna flex but you know he ain't real so you call bullshit.

2. adj. When you know you taking the L and you need to express your tightness.
1. "Boy I'll break your ankles"
"Stfu thats some boolean"

2. "I just took the biggest L on that math test"
"Yeah boi that shit was boolean"
by jjcp May 13, 2015
A person whom often sees the world, or who's opinions are in an absolute way in which there can be no in-between.

Boolean logic, created by George Boole, has one of two possible values (usually denoted true and false)

AKA Boole
Misogynist Boolean : All women are stupid
Feminist Boolean: All men are pigs
Non-Boolean : maybe you Booles just hang around with too many intellectually challenged pigs
by mogydee February 24, 2020
It can be anything you want it to be.
" Man why you acting so boolean? "

" Did you see that girl she was bare boolean "

" Hey Julian the school called why you been boolean again!? "
by AHBooker September 12, 2007
The only subject in which 1+1 = 1 and you should be convinced.

Person1: Jack got F in last exam. The professor says he added 1+ 1 =2

Person2: WHAT A FOOL.

Person 1: 1+1 = 1 hhhhhh

Person 2: That's Boolean algebra -,-
by UrbanDic??! February 12, 2017
A Boolean Operator is a conjunction (AND, OR, NOT or AND NOT) used by computer nerds to focus search results and boost their relevance by more effectively specifying the relationships between each search term.

X AND Y ("both" X*Y) will only return results containing both variables
X OR Y ("either" X+Y) gives results containing either one or both variables
X NOT Y ("without" X-Y )can only show results with X that do not have Y
Boolean Operators can massively help you scope your favorite porno shizz, as long as Boolean Logic is supported by the site search on your preferred digital smutpublisher.


For an optimized selection of non-asian schoolgirl porn, the following equation might be an effective use of operators:

(schoolgirl OR school uniform OR student OR teacher) NOT japanese NOT asian

Since porn search engines are more semantically-oriented than Google's RankBrain, searching "schoolgirl" on Redtube might not return videos titled or tagged as "school girl" , "student and teacher fucking" , or "after class BBC bangathon soaks innocent bitch's uniform in semen."

Simply searching "white girl school uniform" might produce a few desired results, but will include many undesired results (people with "white" in their name, non-white girls wearing white school uniforms, etc).

"PAWG schoolgirl" is a decent search that does not rely upon Boolean Operators, but perhaps I like black chicks banging professors for better grades every once and a "PAWG schoolgirl" is not gonna give me much in the way of black chicks. This would be an excellent time to use OR :)
by bandaloop May 23, 2019