When you order the wrong size blind and get frustrated trying to fit the damn thing. Then get mad and swear an oath to seek out and destroy the original creator buy use the chinesium material the blind was made from to forge a samurai sword.
Those new blinds gave me blind fury.
by Nick Parker 1989 February 21, 2019
When you jerk off but the release is harder and quicker than you expect so it gets all in your eyes and on your face.
Joey wouldn't have gone blind had he masturbated safely and not had a blinding fury.
by Pro-Win April 5, 2015
Right after a girl is done going down on you, you quickly blow your load in her eyes while ripping ass in her face.
Man, that bitch pissed billy off, so he decided to giver her the old blind fury.
by Chow-yung-phat January 23, 2003