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Adjective. Literally referring to the high class area of town, Uptown can generally be used as a positive adjective in any situation.
"these shoes are uptown"
"this beer is uptown"


Rob: "hey Cott did you get some poon-tang last night?"
Scott: "Why indeed I did kind sir! It was motherfucking UP-Town!"
by Rob January 12, 2005

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Professor of scat
"ski ba bop ba dop bop"
by Rob July 13, 2003

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a response to something funny, such at lol
rob: hey fgt
everyone else: laffo
by Rob March 04, 2005

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Should stand for Type Racing in the Japanese car market, but is comonly abused by idiots.

Most import Fanboys have a Type R sticker, it allows them to think they are fast. Some even think it adds horsepower to their low HP vehicles.
My Type R sticker gave me 30 horses!
by Rob July 11, 2003

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Banging a ho, or plain ole sex with the lady
Lats night my bitch and I were knockin boots all night
by Rob May 04, 2003

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Sodomy. Bum sex. Anal sex. Fudge packing. Shit stabbing.
WUOLD YUO LIEK SUM BUTTSECHS?!?!1/1/1/1oneslashoneslash
by Rob May 16, 2004

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commited to a hospital, clinic,or crisis center against your will also while being 302ed police and or an ambulance might be involved
dam max klein just got 302ed again
by Rob December 21, 2004

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