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n. the coolest person in the world. very popular and well loved by everyone. yorks are amazing, smart, funny, brave, strong, clever, intelligent, pleasant, and wonderful. also extremely good at breakdancing omgomgomgomg so hotttttttt!!!
Man i wish i could be a york.
by hehehehehehe January 08, 2008
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A word that can be used in lieu of "Smokin' Hot Babe", or just an all around good looking chick. Often times it can be used when talking about girls in general.
1. "...any York would be lucky to date a boy like you so it's their loss!"
2. "Sometimes i just wish we had more Yorks around here..."
by Metalfire October 23, 2011
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An adjective used to describe something extremely good. Used in replacement of words such as 'wicked', 'cool', 'awesome' etc. Used due to the levels of 'Yorkshire Pride' across the nation.
'Awh wow! That Talitha is proper York!'
'I just love cowboy boots! They're SO York!!'
by SaraahF September 02, 2008
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"Shit, man. I was so busy buffing up for the York Ultimate team that I forgot to study for Durkee's bio final."
"Woah, dude. You're fucked."
by omgnowai December 06, 2008
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Small town in central Pennsylvania. It's one of the most dangerous small cities. While there area some rich people on the outskirts of York, the area immediately to the west of Downtown York rivals some of the most dangerous ghetto's in the country such as Camden, Detroit, West Baltimore, and North St.Louis. Downtown York is quite nice just be sure you don't walk 6 feet in the wrong direction and don't stay out too late at night. It's somewhat of a college town to with York College ( YCP ) and Penn State York nearby. Topography wise York is pretty with nice rolling hills and lots of greenery, unfortunately the run-down industrialized junk in it and the high crime rate ruin the city. It was technically the first capital of the U.S although that was very breif.
Guy 1: Let's go to this party in West York tonight.
Guy 2: Dude are you crazy do you want to get shot?
by Stealthfox94 December 09, 2014
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York is quite a small town about 23 away from leeds. All the uni students are complete nerds with posh accents. Apart from them its a mint place to live. Fucking full of tourists though.
York is where they make Kit Kats.
by Crook November 29, 2004
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To throw up.

Synonyms: puke, throw up, blow chunks, lose it
"I was Edward 40-hands last night. After i finished the second miller I yorked up all over the kitchen floor."

"Your sister is fugly, i just yorked inside my mouth"
by Evel_Knieveljajaja January 31, 2006
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