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When I grow up, I want to be just like an Encoded; he pwns you.
by rOb December 7, 2003
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1)the rapid outward movement of the penis with the cause being sexual activity, thinking about sexual activity, or seeing a hot girl

2) Word used is Boner
3)Only funny word used in Anchorman
4) Also: will not go away by bending it in (i no from experience)
5) Tip: Never try to get them in school, u will be made fun of!!!
Mr. Burgundy u have a massive erection
She's so hot shes givin me a Boner

Female 1: What the hell is stickin out if ur pants
Female 2: Nothing.. (looks around,tries to bend it in)
by rOb August 2, 2004
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A specific kind of Ectasy or MDMA
Yo man I got a slip of ernies
by rOb March 2, 2005
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Holy Shit, AMD64FX kicked P4's ass. Who woulda thunk it.
I would buy a P4 but I don't want a slow computer, I better go with AMD 64 bit proc.
by rOb October 31, 2003
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to be covered in monkey seamon and beaton with a stick carver from the tree in ralf naters frount lawn !
shut your fuckin face before i amberjiggen you !
by rOb November 10, 2004
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What Rob Borzillo makes
Borzillo: I can make a bong outta carrots too!
by rOb May 2, 2004
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