13 definitions by rOYAL SMALLNESS

The beautiful sound emitted From inside a Mexican restaurant.
At the most popular Mexican restaurant around the tacos the margaritas the music and laughter combined to make a beautiful Mexidin.
by rOYAL SMALLNESS July 23, 2021
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The act of taking a very small poop before leaving to go somewhere that does not provide a rest area.
Before getting into traffic Eugene sat down and pushed out a one inch perfectly shaped turd.He often times makes a Nervous Tootsie before leaving the crib.
by rOYAL SMALLNESS October 8, 2020
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In the dog food aisle Mike asked Kerry if Roversham needed food,Kerry replied no just bought some at the pet food store.Keeping in mind they do not have a dog and this was simply stated in front of other shoppers to make them look like dog owners if only for a brief moment.
by rOYAL SMALLNESS October 4, 2019
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No expense was spared it was the most occulant magic show in the history of humankind.
by rOYAL SMALLNESS October 10, 2020
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A Grandpa that has the ability to be as serious as a heart attack as well as the opposite of that without grandkids knowing for sure whats up.
Grampo was driving down the curvy road with the three Grand boys in the back seat.He then shouted the steering is out! Ben and Mac screamed ahhhhh but Mac didn't buy it for a minute.Grampo was being Grampo once again.
by rOYAL SMALLNESS October 12, 2020
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The act of throwing lunch meats at a hooker and trying to get them to stick.
Mark and Steve payed a little extra for the pleasure of throwing Salami and Bologna at Harris hoping to get them to stick thus making a Hooker Hoagie.
by rOYAL SMALLNESS October 25, 2019
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When a circumcised penis enters an uncircumcised penis and gets stuck hence the Chinese dinger trap
Tim and Andy were playing and got their dingers stuck together when they both were aroused.The circumcised penis got stuck in the foreskin of the uncircumcised penis. It reminded them of their youth when they played the real Chinese finger trap game. Now they play the Chinese dinger trap game after Hockey practice.
by rOYAL SMALLNESS January 19, 2018
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