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A true winner. A mystifying odyssey that refuses to stop calling itself Charlie Sheen. Also, a drug that will melt your face off and explode your body, unless you are Charlie Sheen when you take it. Again, so fucking winning it's ridiculous. He is self defined as a" High Priest Vatican Assassin Warlock", and clearly doesn't give a fuck if you don't understand it. Most of the time, and this includes naps, he's an F-18 bro, and he WILL destroy you in the air, if he doesn't deploy his ordinance to the ground of course. So clear the fuckin' way for Charlie Sheen because he is just that bi-winning.
I am on a drug. It's called CHARLIE SHEEN. It's not available. If you try it once, you will die. Your face will melt off and your children will weep over your exploded body.
by pureglaucoma March 05, 2011

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A joint that is comprised of the roaches of other joints. Makes for superb smokage. The roach that comes from the "roach joint" itself is a "grandfather roach", a bit of weed that has somehow survived two joints. Hence, a "grandfather joint" is in turn a joint rolled, comprised of grandfather roaches, and just a delight to smoke with your buddies.
Stonerman 1: We're fucking out of weed?!?

Stonerman 2: Well we still got those roaches.

Stonerman 1: Well shit...

(10 minutes later)

Stonerman 1: Let's roll a roach joint!
by pureglaucoma March 04, 2011

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When one is surfing for pornography on the internet and unintentionally stumbles upon transvestite porn, they have been tranbushed. Initial shock effects that occur when one has been severely tranbushed can include but are not limited to; permanent psychosis, life long abstinence, loss of consciousness, cardiac arrest, projectile vomiting, and limp dick.
1) Billy went on his dad's computer to look at adult entertainment but was tranbushed and he instantly fainted. He awoke 6 hours later to a very disappointed father.
by pureglaucoma July 01, 2010

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The act of scouring one's home to make sure the area is completely clear of all marijuana and related paraphernalia. Often necessary when authoritative figures such as parents drop by. One must also perform a weed sweep when those ignorant of the stoner's weed smoking habits come by, such as hardcore Christian girls, and also hardcore Christian guys (though a huge stoner wouldn't be hanging out with one anyway), apartment maintenance, and other non-stoner associates.
Pimp 1: That cutie Isabel was coming over and I almost forgot to weed sweep, but I finished right before she showed up and was awarded with pussy.

by pureglaucoma September 23, 2010

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Hot girl seen in adjacent vehicle in traffic. Common cause for fender benders. Identifiable by a very hot face.
I saw a traffic hottie yesterday and almost got hit by an 18-wheeler while looking at her.
by pureglaucoma September 15, 2010

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When an Arab who has a headwrap has their cell phone lodged into the headwrap so they may talk hands-free. I have actually seen this.
You: Wtf that guy has a cell phone sticking out of his turban and he's talking on it!

Me: Yeah that's the new arabian bluetooth. They're not very expensive, all you need is a phone and a towel.
by pureglaucoma February 01, 2011

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When one approaches a no U-turn sign, but must turn around regardless, so they make a left into a parking lot and go around, forming a D.
Girl: Fuck i missed the restaurant and i can't make any U-turns on this road!

Guy: Just make a D-turn.

Girl: wtf is a D-turn?


Girl: I'm sorry...

Guy: It's ok, just let me drive and give me some car head and we'll get there.
by pureglaucoma September 15, 2010

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