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Members of the opposite sex to whom you have not spoken in quite some time, who suddenly start to show a personal interest in you when your facebook relationship status changes from "In a Relationship" to "Single".

So-called because their behaviour resembles that of seagulls chasing a fishing boat, Love Guls can often be easily identified by the comments they leave on a changed relationship status in the hours afterwards
Johnny: Man, I'm having such a hard time after breaking up with Sue. I wish everyone would just leave me alone about it

Bob: Yeah man, you've got loads of love gulls hassling you
by pseudopseudonym11111 December 24, 2008
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English (British); slang

Subject to a painful, full-body impact, especially in the context of contact sports.
Rugby spectator: "Jack got absolutely munched there".
by pseudopseudonym11111 January 31, 2018
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Adjective meaning lazy, blasé or casual to the extreme but in a classy or stlish way. Often used to describe someone so talented in a certain discipline that they don't take said discipline seriously - it is often obvious that they find it easy - or any action or said person. Named for the Bulgarian footballer Dimitar Berbatov
John: Man Josh is so good at tennis
Jack: Yeah, he's totally Bulgarian

James: man that pass was Bulgarian
by pseudopseudonym11111 October 9, 2008
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Refering to the controversial result of a 4th round FA cup match between Premier League side Manchester City and Championship side Sheffield United. Sheffield won the game after a Manchester City defender Michael Ball was distracted by balloons on the pitch, allowing Sheffield to score.
"Aw man can you believe City lost today?"
"Yeah but did you see that beach-ball on the pitch? It was like balloongate all over again"
by pseudopseudonym11111 February 18, 2008
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Annoying and seemingly endless condensed, fluff-like matter which collects between the ass cheeks. Particularly evident after an active day
Tom: Man, I'm fed up of all this crack flack I have to wash away every day in the shower

Jon: Fuck you
by pseudopseudonym11111 March 6, 2010
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